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Wns Hydraulic Tube Pipe Bar Bender 415v 3 Phase, 240v Single Phase 2 Capacity

   Manufacturers of Rollformers & Sheet Metal Working Machinery. We are also obliged to follow strict guidelines when replying to your messages and may not be able to directly answer some of your queries. Please be reassured we are not being vague we are just following the rules! We thank you for your understanding. WNS HYDRAULIC TUBE / PIPE BENDER INCLUDING 3 DIES (HTB3) OR (HTB3sp). C/w 3 Sets of Dies. 415v 3 Phase or 240v Single Phase. WNS HYDRAULIC TUBE / PIPE BENDER. 2 (50mm) (subject to die). 1 x 3 Radius x 120. 1½ x 5 Radius x 120. 1¾ x 6 Radius x 120. 1250mm x 560mm x ...
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