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How To Use A Tubing Bender Making Hoops For A Ladder Rack On A Truck Eastwood Tubing Bender

Eastwood High Capacity Tubing Pipe Bender Machine Metal Shop Tool 180 Degree

   The Eastwood High-Capacity Tubing Bender is a serious metal shop tool capable of creating accurate, smooth, kink-free bends up to 180° in aluminum, steel, stainless steel and copper tubing, in sizes ranging from 3/4 to 2 with available Eastwood Die Sets. Form bends in up to 0.120 wall tubing. Range of 11 available 120° and 240° dies for 3/4 to 2 diameter tubing. Handles aluminum, steel, stainless steel and chromoly with ease. Constructed of 0.60 and 0.45 solid steel plate for maximum strength. Easy to store when not in use. Build roll bars, shop fixtures, go-kart frames and ...

Tubing Bender From Eastwood Pro Former Tubing Bender

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