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Woodward Fab Pipe And Tube Bender & Die Kit- 1-5/8 X 5 Die Included

  Woodward Fab Pipe and Tube Bender & Die Kit- [1-5/8" x 5" Die Included]. Woodward Fab Manual Pipe and Tube Bender Kit- 1-5/8? Woodward Fab WFB2 Kit Includes. WFB2 Manual Pipe and Tube bender. Includes Main Die, Follower and Retaining Strap. Minimum Wall Thickness for DOM. Minimum Wall Thickness for ERW/SS. Minimum Wall Thickness for Aluminum. For Bending DOM Mild Steel or Chromoly. 304, 316, and 321 Stainless can be bent. Must check for other grades of stainless. Certain tempered aluminum alloys are not bendable. It is the customers responsibility to ensure from their metal ...
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