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Bend Tech Pro Layout Software Tube Bending Pipe Bender

   Bend Tech PRO Layout Software. Bend-Tech PRO is made for the small shop or serious hobbyist and is used for designing tubular assemblies and even complete frames. Bend-Tech Pro is ideal for customers with manual or simple hydraulic machines and has the ability to design and dimension tubular assemblies, calculate and model all bent parts, and aid in tube notching. It is by far the most easy-to-use tubing design product on the market. Customers who have never used a CAD system before are productive the first time they sit down to use it. Dimensions by inside, outside or centerline of ...

Bend Tech Ez Layout Software Tube Bending Pipe Bender

   Bend Tech EZ-3D Layout Software. Bend-Tech EZ 3D is designed to help out the hobbyist. It uses 100 percent the functionality of Bend-Tech EZ and includes a 3D interface. Bend-Tech EZ-3D's interface allows for simultaneous viewing, creation, and changes to several parts. Cut length, weight and bending information are available on the screen and on a printed setup sheet. Tooling and Material selection are based upon your machine and inventory. Display settings include decimal or fractional output and bend dimension locations. A shaded part provides a true representation of the part ...
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