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Affordable Bender Roll Cage Tube Bender(super Special Includes 2 Die Sets)

   New Frame style allows for up to 110 degree bends by simply bending a 90 degree bend and then feeding the tube through and bending up to an additional 20 degrees. Includes your choice of 2 dies. Your choice of 2 of the following 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2. 1-5/8"or 1-3/4" Round Tube and our New 1 square tube die. Your choice of 2 size die sets included. This is a fully hydraulic tubing bender. Uses an 8 ton hydraulic bottle jack. 10"x10"x30 in size. Does not have to be mounted to any surface to operate. Bends up to 90 degrees. 134 Wall Mild Steel Tubingworks best on. 120 wall and up to. ...
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